Threshold Financial provides concerned, personal service to all those who seek assistance with their equipment purchases. We are an aggressive company that can provide you and your customers the service that we would all like to receive. We have clients in most states and Canada.

Sometimes the price of equipment can be an obstacle, a wall that the buyer needs to see a way around. Or, the benefit of keeping their cash available for other uses is important to them.  We enable buyers to do both and more.

We offer 100% financing for businesses that wish to purchase equipment. I provide superior service to both you and your customer. I take all the financing problems and issues and handle them for you. Please call me with any questions.

We specialize in providing financing for new and used equipment, computers, and software. The people that we have met at the industry trade shows have been the “salt of the earth”, though they can sometimes use financial assistance. In order to help accomplish that, we provide 100% financing from $5,000 minimum on up, including application only programs up to $250,000. Deferred and seasonal payments are available. Financing is available for all credit types, from pristine credit to the financially challenged.

We provide financing for true start-up companies. ( USA only)

We can provide Accounts Receivable and Inventory Financing to help grow your business.

There are many reasons for choosing us to handle your financial needs, but let us tell you the top 10!

1. Concerned, Personal Service

2. 100% Financing

3. Fast Approvals

4. Less than Perfect Credit is OK

5. Start-up Company Financing

6. No Impact on Bank Line of Credit

7. Conserves Your Working Capital

8. No Liens on Your Other Equipment

9. Equipment Pays for Itself as You Use it

10. No Down Payment Required

The first step in helping you with your financial needs, is for you to contact us. Please let us know any questions or concerns you may have. You can also download our Online Application to begin the process.

Phone: (888) 280-9900

Fax: (760) 281-7277


Mailing Address: P.O. Box 3789 - Crestline, CA 92325

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